Literary Postcards (5u Pack)

Literary Postcards (5u Pack)

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Haven't you always wanted to visit those places in your favourite books? We know we have! That's why we decided to send our greetings from Kafka's Castle or Borges' neverending Library of Babel, to feel closer to those magical places.

Literary Postcards: From Earthsea to Kafka's Castle, from Murakami's 1Q84 to Borges' the Library of Babel.

5 postcards featuring the following literary landscapes!
⋄ The Castle, by Franz Kafka
⋄ The Interzone, by William S. Burroughs
⋄ 1Q84, by Haruki Murakami
⋄ The Library of Babel, by Jorge Luis Borges
⋄ Earthsea, by Ursula K. Le Guin.

265g coated paper
10 x 15 cm = 4 x 6 inches
Shrink-wrapped in plastic.
Safely shipped wrapped in bubbled paper.

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