Ray Bradbury Pencil

Ray Bradbury Pencil

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Ray Bradbury: You fail only if you stop writing.
Pencil quoting one of the best science fiction writers of the century. Ideal for writers!

Exclusively designed in Barcelona :: Printed in Spain

⋄ Silver coated pencil, black wood.
⋄ 17,7 cm, Ø 0,7 cm, 5 g.
⋄ Pre-sharped.
⋄ Printed in black featuring a quote by Ray Bradbury: «You fail only if you stop writing»

A beautiful pencil to remind you that even though writing can be hard, (sometimes even painful!), the only way you can truly fail is if you stop!
Keep this close to your ideas notebook, or give it as an inspirational gift to a writer friend. Happy writing!


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